Breaking a Rule

I have a personal rule for this blog – no photos or videos of family members or other relatives.

Well, I’m breaking the rule. I just can’t resist it.  I rationalize it with the fact that the relative is fairly remote, a 2nd cousin and I’ve only met her twice – plus I want to share my short video with y’all.   🙂

My brother and I  had a delightful get-together in Ithaca on the 17th with four of our cousins and two of their spouses.  One of the cousins who lives in a high-rise senior residence center had reserved space for us on the beautiful grounds of the center for a picnic.  During the picnic one of our cousins’ daughter and her husband bicycled by to say hello.

The husband was riding a normal bicycle but she was riding a Hi-Wheel Bicycle, also known as a Penny-Farthing.  She had actually paid $6,000 to have an exact reproduction of a circa 1880 model manufactured.  Hey – whatever floats your boat!  I had only ever seen one in photographs and movies.  Naturally, I had to make this video of her mounting, riding and dismounting the bike.

The Hi-Wheel bike has neither breaks nor gears.  To mount and dismount there is only a small metal thingie, about an inch and a half long and maybe three quarters of an inch wide, to put your foot on.  The expression “taking a header” came from the experience of riding these bikes.  When one hit an obstacle one’s body would continue its forward progress over the big wheel and land one on the ground head first.

Surprise! I didn’t ask her if I could take a ride on that contraption!  😆



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2 responses to “Breaking a Rule

  1. Dave

    I guess you cant go down hill on one….lol

    • Ed

      I hadn’t thought of that. Actually, I’d rather not! Heehee… It probably would not be a pretty sight. Easy to see why the Hi-Wheel didn’t last.

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