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On vacation last month I took many photos in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York  when I went there to visit my kid brother’s grave.

I’ve mentioned Mt. Hope Cemetery in this Blog several times.  Once, I even included a video slide show featuring scenes of the cemetery that someone had posted to YouTube.  It was founded in 1838, the United States’ first municipal rural (now urban) cemetery, and now is the permanent resting place of over 350,000 people.  That population increases by 500 to 600 each year.

It was extremely warm and humid and the harsh sunlight definitely negatively  influenced the quality of my photos, but I decided that I would put together my own video slide show for YouTube anyway. It is such a breathtakingly beautiful place.

I had found a recording of a musical piece on the Net that I thought was appropriate to the material – that was claimed to be in the public domain, but YouTube notified me that it was likely that EMI held the copyright to the recording.  Since I had noted the title and artist in the video description box, however, they indicated that they wouldn’t block the audio, except in Canada and a few more countries.    😥

I didn’t want that, so I deleted the attribution and changed the audio to a recording provided on YouTube’s site.   That means that an ad may appear when the video is played.   😕

If you watch the video, I suggest you click on the ‘YouTube’ to watch it on their site – and view it in full screen mode.  That will make the photos’ exposure problems more evident but, more importantly, will enhance appreciation of the beauty of the site.


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