Would You Do That?

My neighborhood has regular  trash pickup on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  We’re supposed to put our trash containers at the curb between 7:30 PM the night before collection and 7:00 AM of the day of collection.  Most people adhere to those requirements, usually puttting trash out in the evening.

Wednesday of last week I when went out to check my mailbox around Noon I decided to check to see if my trash had been picked up.  Normally the truck comes around 11:00 o’clock, but I hadn’t heard him.  When I lifted the lid of my trash container I found that not only had the trash not yet been picked up but that there was an additional large plastic bag of trash placed on top of mine.

Now, that doesn’t bother me.  It’s only trash and it will be removed.

But I can’t help wondering who would do such a thing.  I visualize some guy in the wee hours of the night sneaking through the neighborhood toting a full plastic trash bag – going from container to container, lifting the lids, until he finds one with room for his burden.

I can’t imagine ever doing that.  First off, I’m like Rodney Dangerfield, if it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.  I am living proof of Murphy’s Law – “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.”  No doubt about it, I would get caught in the act!  And I would be totally embarrassed!  😳



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2 responses to “Would You Do That?

  1. Dave

    Weird for sure- but what would be the charge or violation for putting something in another can?

    • Ed

      Dave, I believe it would be considered “theft of service’, since I am paying for the disposal of the trash. But I can’t imagine anyone being prosecuted for it. However, if one is caught depositing trash in a dumpster at a business establishment it is more likely that charges and/or fines would result. I’ve seen signs to that effect on many dumpsters.

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