A Bolt Out of the Blue

Monday was a wild weather day ’round these parts.  One strong storm followed another all day long.  And each storm was accompanied by window-rattling thunder and very close and super  scary lightning strikes.  Several times during the day the lightning knocked out my power for a few seconds – after which I had to reset the time on my range, microwave and boom box.  Times like that I am glad that my TV’s and computer have surge protectors.

This morning I discovered that my surge protectors were not totally effective on Monday.  The TV in my bedroom which I don’t turn on very often insisted that it wasn’t receiving a signal even though the cable box was on.  The first thing I did was to follow the cable company advice – unplug the cable box and after 10 seconds replug it.  That actually works half the time.  This time it didn’t.

I checked all the connections – no problem.  I changed the input to the TV to my DVD-VCR player and started a DVD, which the TV played fine.  I switched to antenna input and was able to receive local TV signals. I even tried the other three HDMI inputs to no avail.  So I made the assumption that the cable box had been damaged during the storm, despite the protection of the surge protector.

Actually, there were other possibilities which I didn’t consider at the time – the lightning could have affected the HDMI cable or the television set’s HDMI input capability.

Off I went to Comcast Cable’s local office and exchanged my cable box for a new one.  Naturally, the cable box was not the problem.  Comcast was able to activate and set up the cable box over phone lines.  I was left then with either a defective HDMI cable or TV.

I then went to a nearby Comp USA store and bought a new HDMI cable – cost me a whole $13.73!  That didn’t work.  I had to face the fact that my TV could no longer recognize a signal at any of its HDMI ports.

So I bought a new TV this afternoon which is nice enough to accept the cable signal.  The defective TV will now live out its days in a guest bedroom .  It can still receive about 50 over the air local channels, and will play DVDs and Video Tapes, so I can’t justify tossing it out in the trash.

Monday’s ‘bolt out of the blue’ turned out to an expensive one!    😥


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