Tying Shoes

A video I viewed on YouTube the other day, entitled “How to tie your shoes” brought to the surface of my mind a most embarrassing and long suppressed memory of my childhood.

At the age of 5 years and 9 months I was the only child in my 1st grade class who could not tie his shoes!  😥  It was not for lack of trying – but I just could not do it – an obvious early indication that I was not destined to be a craftsman.  I can remember my Mother patiently demonstrating the proper technique, and me being hopelessly lost.  I couldn’t figure out how to make my fingers do what I was watching.  It was only when she got behind me and demonstrated on a shoe facing as it would be when on my foot that it finally registered in my little mind.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.

You may wonder why I would have watched such a video.  Tying shoes is not a subject I would ever search for videos on.  This is how it happened:

I have my own YouTube channel in which I have uploaded over 30 videos to date.  I have it linked in the Blogroll at right.  I also subscribe to several channels.  When I log on to YouTube my home page shows thumbnails of new videos uploaded in my subscribed channels, in chronological order with the most recent on top.  It also contains a column of thumbnails of videos that YouTube recommends for me, based on what videos I’ve recently viewed.

As an example, I subscribe to a channel named “World War 2 in Color”.  When they upload a video showing film made during the Battle of the Bulge I will watch it.  YouTube then finds and locates videos to recommend to me which are related to that video.  Most are additional videos from that WW2 battle.  But some will be related to dieting – Get it? – “Battle of the Bulge” Heehee…..

And, even others will be videos involving other kind of bulges – such as those created by big bellies and large breasts – and even  *ahem* other prominent body parts that tend to stretch fabric.    😳

I have no idea what I watched that triggered a recommendation of a video about tying shoes – but I watched it.

That video really upset me!  Not only did it revive a memory I would have preferred to remain deeply buried, but the guy in the video suggested that I have been tying my shoes improperly for all these many years.

I tested the suggested “correct” way and found my fingers firmly resisted making the loop the opposite way from how they’d done it for 65+ years.  It was only after serious concentration that I was able to do it.  I tied both shoes exactly as demonstrated in the video.

Result:  Two hours later the laces of the left shoe loosened and the knot disappeared totally.  I retied the shoe in my traditional manner.  Two hours later the same thing happened with the right shoe.

End of experiment!  Back to the old way!



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2 responses to “Tying Shoes

  1. Dave

    This is the kind of story that makes me love your blog! I am a bit of a different person I suppose, but it just defines life. Progress the old way- it works. Funny how memories of long ago come alive whether you want them to or not…..

    • Ed

      Hey, thanks Dave. That’s the nicest comment I’ve ever received.

      Regarding your comment, it is also funny how memories of strong emotions – anger, joy, embarrassment and sadness especially – include re-experiencing those very emotions at the same level of intensity as when they had occurred. Yet memories involving physical pain or pleasure are purely intellectual.

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