Picture Post – August 1, 2012

The following recently taken photos are evidence of how uninteresting my life is right now:

Uh . . Well I was walking down the street and I had camera in my hand.

That final step on the way down is a beaut!

Gosh, sure could’ve fooled me!

Looks like a combined garage/house/barn – could use a paint job.



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2 responses to “Picture Post – August 1, 2012

  1. Dave

    I believe that the “uninteresting” opinion of yourself is purely relevant. I keep reading this blog like a good book you cant put down. What are blah days to you still hold something good. It is all part of retirement. Remember days when you said “I cant wait to retire” ? Thats where I’m at right now. 40 years old and dont understand why I go to work everyday when nobody will listen to what I have to say after experience proves I’m right almost always. Notice I did not claim a definite always.

    • Ed

      Yes, I remember! Now I look back and wonder why I wished so much of my life away. However, I must admit that retirement is pretty nice.

      HeeHee….. I had a very similar frustrating experience throughout my career. I was totally convinced that I was smarter and more competent than most of my immediate superiors. Notice that I did not say “all”.

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