Typical Summer Afternoon in Sunny (?) South Florida

Barnes & Noble Bookstore E-mailed me a 20% discount coupon on one item yesterday which is valid until August 5th.  That is in addition to the 10% Member discount I get on all purchases AND another 5% rebate I receive when I use my Barnes & Noble MasterCard.  Woot! Woot!

So, today, right after lunch I was preparing to head out to Barnes & Nobles when suddenly came the deluge.  Such is an almost daily occurrence during the summer in South Florida – often a multiple daily occurrence.

I suppose that is why the period from May through September down here is called the “Rainy Season”.  😉

Anyway, I took my camera out front and out back to capture the event, and am providing it below to show y’all.  You’ll note that the wind was actually creating some wave action on the lake out back.  The sound on the video does not do justice to reality.  The thunder was loud enough to have rattled my dentures had not my dentist firmly implanted all of them them in my jaw!


Incidentally, YouTube has apparently decided that I now know how to tie my shoes, ‘cuz they are no longer recommending demonstration videos!


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