I Forgot

I attended a Miami Marlins game at the new stadium on June 9th with my nephew and his wife.  After the game the roof was retracted for a short fireworks show, which I recorded with my Nikon point and shoot digital camera.

My Nikon takes 1080p high definition video and has a special setting for fireworks which I was eager to test.  When I transferred the video to my hard drive that evening I was so pleased with the result that I decided to show it in the Blog.

But I failed to name the video when I transferred it to my hard drive – something that I normally do immediately.  The video file thus was identified only by the number assigned to it by the camera (DSCN2265) which doesn’t necessarily bring fireworks to mind.  So, I forgot all about it.   😕

The other day, almost two months later, I noticed that file and a few others in my current video folder which I hadn’t renamed.  So I viewed them all and gave them new names to identify their subjects – and that is when I remembered that I had planned to post the fireworks video.

Here it is:  Well — not exactly  — the file size was almost one Gig  — so I tweaked it a bit, cutting the resolution from 1080 x 1920  to 720 x 1280, still HD,  and lowering the bit rate.  This reduced the file size by almost two thirds.  The result still looks pretty good.

During the 13 minutes it takes for the stadium roof to fully open a bunch of very talented and attractive young cheerleaders came onto the field to entertain.  I only thought about recording their act when they were almost finished, so only was able to record the final 44 seconds.


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