Adventure in the Kitchen

One day last week I decided to make a Key Lime Pie.

Being an ex-accountant with an extremely orderly mind I approach baking and cooking systematically.  I make sure I have all the necessary ingredients and utensils at hand in the exact required quantities or measurements before beginning the process.

On the kitchen counter I had the condensed milk in a bowl, Key Lime Juice in a measuring cup, 3 eggs separated (yolks in one bowl for the filling and whites in another for the meringue),  an opened jar of lemon extract next to measuring spoons, an opened can of Cream of Tartar for the meringue next to another set of measuring spoons, sugar for the meringue in a ramekin, crushed graham crackers for the crust  in a mixing bowl and melted butter in a small bowl.

Also on the counter – a large mixing bowl for the filling, a hand-mixer and a bowl for the meringue plus a large wooden spoon and two rubber spatulas.  The oven was already preheating to 325°.

I had only to go to the cupboard to get my 9-inch pie pan, and I would be ready to rumble!

You know what? – You know what? I don’t own a 9-inch pie pan!  In fact, I don’t own a pie pan of any size!  🙄   I bake lots of pies, but I always use prepared crusts in aluminum throw-away pie pans from the supermarket.

Obviously, I had temporarily misplaced my mind.  Could also consider it a “Senior Moment”  – probably the same thing.

All was not lost, however.  I used an 8-inch cake pan – so instead of sloping sides of the pie crust I had vertical ones.  The first slice was thus a bit difficult to remove.  Also, because of the smaller pan size I had too much meringue.  Naturally, I scarfed up the excess.  It was quite yummy!


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