Passing Through Richmond

On my recent trip north I took Interstate 95 through Richmond, Virginia – the onetime capital city of the Confederate States of America and current capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In years past I’ve traveled to Richmond on business several times.  It seemed like a nice town, not the most attractive city I’ve visited but certainly not the least.

But if this had been my first time in Richmond, my drive through town on I-95 would have given me a very bad impression of the city.  The condition of the highway was deplorable – many sections badly in need of repaving, tall weeds growing along the roadsides and the median, and generally unattractive or absent landscaping.  To me it looked like a combination of neglect and a lack of concern for the city’s image.  It is so unlike what I’ve found to be the case in other cities.

If I were the Governor of Virginia or the Mayor of Richmond I would be outraged.  I’d make highway beautification a top priority.

I don’t know – maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was depressing.  Check out this video and see if you agree.


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