Isaac Passes By

Tropical Storm Isaac, soon to become Hurricane Isaac has been passing by South Florida in the Gulf of Mexico en route to landfall somewhere between Tallahassee, Florida and New Orleans where it likely will cause severe damage.

Here on the Atlantic Coast we are being affected by Isaac’s outer bands with frequent heavy rains, gusty winds and the potential for small tornadoes.  It started early this morning and is expected to continue into late this evening.  The eye of the storm is almost 200 miles west of here, but the storm is huge, so we get to a taste of its nastiness.

Grrrr……….  a windy, wet and dreary day ……… not a good idea to do my walk, even with an umbrella.  I don’t want to be blown away holding on to the umbrella like Mary Poppins or have an uprooted tree fall on my head – so I will stay indoors.  Also, 8 to 12 inches of rain are projected – I don’t want to get my socks wet!!.

All of our local TV stations have suspended regular programming and are providing non-stop, uninterrupted by commercials, coverage since the wee hours and will keep it up indefinitely.  Thank the Lord for Cable TV!

Here is a sample of local coverage from this morning.  I was holding the camera in my hand instead of using a tripod, so the video is not as steady as I would have liked.  I was moving – not my TV!   😉  If you pay attention you will see my town, Pembroke Pines, on the maps occasionally.


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