Isaac’s Gifts

Tropical Storm Isaac brought mucho rain to my neighborhood, but thankfully no flooding.  It began on Friday and continued through late Monday afternoon, accumulating about 8.5 inches.

My little lake out back rose at least a foot and crept up about six feet onto my lawn.  I Initially figured it to be around three feet but when I looked again I realized I had underestimated.  It also deposited a lot of debris on the lawn, mainly coconuts.  Today I counted 54 of them!

The South Florida Water Management System had dumped a lot of water from the lakes and canals into the Atlantic before the storm, but the rains filled them all back up, and then some!  The water is slowly receding but it will take several days for my lawn to be totally uncovered.

Today I was able to clean up most of the small stuff, but the coconuts are still floating above the grass.  I’ll be able to remove them Sunday or Monday, assuming the water has completely receded.

Whenever we have a big rain storm I become the major recipient of debris.  It is a combination of a normal wind pattern which pushes floating objects across the lake in my direction, and my neighbors’ ugly chain link fences at each end of my  property which jut out into the lake and trap the debris when it arrives at my shore.

This does not please me!  👿

This morning I made this video of the Isaac’s gifts.  It shows that the water had receded enough for me remove the larger junk – I raked up the little stuff later.  As I noted above, I will have to wait a few more days to get at the coconuts.  I’m not thrilled at the prospect of eventually having to climb into the water to remove the slimy chunk of wood floating at the eastern end.   😥

Actually, I have no right to complain.  We were lucky that we only received a lot of rain from Isaac.  There was some minor flooding and a  few people lost power, but that was inconsequential compared to what the folks in New Orleans have gotten.

Edit:  I neglected to describe the larger debris that I had removed prior to making the video.  There were large palm fronds, plastic grocery bags, candy wrappers, small plastic toys, empty plastic soda and water bottles, small blocks of wood … and … an unopened latex condom!    😕


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