Picture Post – September 4, 2012

A few recent photos:

My coconut mountain outside the patio – 54 of them. I carried them  two at a time up from my finally dry shoreline.  They are unbelievably heavy, both waterlogged and full of milk.  Today I put six in the trash container for tomorrow morning’s pickup.

A rare sight. This duck flew up onto my neighbor’s fence and began preening and occasionally flapping its wings.

I bought these bags of navel oranges in the past two weeks – one from South Africa and the other from Chile.  I can’t believe this -imported oranges for sale in Florida!

A new family of ducklings which began its daily rounds this week.

Fans at high school football game last Friday evening.

Ball carrier (No. 7) about to meet opposition defender (No. 50) – it wasn’t pretty! His teammates (Nos. 76 and 11) have opened the lane for him.  With friends like that ……….  🙄



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2 responses to “Picture Post – September 4, 2012

  1. Dave

    Are those the same edible coconuts that you buy in a store? Seems like a waste to not use them.
    On the subject of oranges,I believe it is disgusting to have to buy imported fruit myself…..

    • Ed

      Yeah, Dave. They are edible. But even though I like coconut it is too much trouble to get at the meat – and I have to admit that I’m lazy.

      First, there is an outer shell which is hard as a rock. Then, a layer of dark brown stringy stuff surrounding the actual nut. Inside the fairly thin nut but hard shell is the meat and the water.

      It is probably not a problem, but I would be hesitant anyway to use them after they’ve been soaking in lake water for several days. If I ever want to use coconut in a recipe I get it at the supermarket where it is all clean, dried and flaked. I think I’ve only eaten fresh coconut meat two or three times in my life.

      I agree that there shouldn’t be any need to import oranges, especially for sale in Florida – where there are so many varieties that there are always varieties ready for harvest. However, I believe that Florida navel oranges are not available year round. So, if one prefers the seedless kind or those suited particularly for eating as opposed to juicing, there are times of the year when out-of-state varieties are made available here. We generally have navels shipped from California. But – Chile and South Africa? The mind boggles!

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