Labor Day and the End of Summer

Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox, the official end of summer.

When I was a kid, where I lived, the Autumnal Equinox had nothing whatever to do with summer.  For that matter, neither did the Vernal Equinox have any connection with summer.

Summers began when you ran out of the building on the last day of school, usually late in June – and ended on the first Monday of September, Labor Day.  School began with a half-day session on the following day.

I don’t care what the scientists say, there is no way it can be summer when you gotta go to school!  🙄

Nowadays, things are different.  School starts in most parts of the country late in August.  Labor Day has become a happy day for today’s school kids – a day off!

Throughout my working life Labor Day just meant a three day weekend.  Yay!!  Since I’ve retired it really isn’t any different from any other day – except that there is no mail delivery.

Edit:  I posted the above in mid-afternoon.  It wasn’t until after I went to bed that my mistake registered in my little mind.  But I decided the World could wait until morning for me to correct it.   Of course the Vernal Equinox has no connection to Summer – because it is the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  I meant the Summer Solstice!



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2 responses to “Labor Day and the End of Summer

  1. Dave

    Seems like all Holidays mark something different for everyone. I generally don’t like large amounts of people trying to occupy the same space. Therefore I get a day off out of most holidays but I will spend them at home getting things done. ( I avoid stress and confrontation like a Cat )

  2. naturgesetz

    I like to claim that summer doesn’t end until Columbus Day — the real Columbus Day, October 12, not the silly Monday day off. It begins on Memorial Day.

    The reason is that I learned long ago that Memorial Day is when you’re supposed to start wearing straw hats. I never heard when you’re supposed to go back to felt, so I’ve selected Columbus Day. I suspect that Labor Day may have been the official time for the switch, but as long as I don’t have it from an official source, I’ll do it my way. Fortunately,there are so few people wearing proper hats these days, that I can get away with it.

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