Picture Post – September 25, 2012

I haven’t been taking many photos recently.  It has been raining a lot here, sometimes all day long, for three weeks, so I pretty much stay in the house  except when I have to go out.

I like rain. And I love driving in the rain.  But I’m not fond of walking in the rain!  I wear glasses, so I usually put them in my pocket as I sprint from my car to my destination and back.  Happily, I can see where I’m going without my specs.  But somehow I always manage to smudge the lenses when making the transfer – so I end up having to wipe them clean – which was what I intended to avoid when I removed them.   😥

Here are a few pics I’ve taken in the past few days – all in or around the house.

Yesterday I saw what looked like a glass beer bottle floating in the lake about 20 yards off shore.  I used the maximum telephoto to capture this shot.  I was surprised to find the bug taking refuge on the bottle so far from shore – in bug distance, that is!

When I went out to shoot the floating bottle, this ibis, which had been busily searching for bugs, came right up to me and posed with dirt on his beak.  Ibises are not skittish around humans; they normally only leave when you get very  close.  But still I was surprised when it approached me instead of ignoring me.

I took this today from my kitchen window – the egret waiting for lunch!  I can’t tell one egret from another, but I suspect this is a regular.  Naturally, I went out on to the patio and he took off.  Then a few minutes later he returned to the other side of the lawn, whereupon I opened the patio door again to encourage his departure.  This photo came out fairly good considering the patio screening and framing were in the way.

I discovered this strange anemic flower cluster on the shrub outside my front entrance.  Normally, all the blossoms open together with short stems.  Below is what they should look like.   Hmmmm…..  maybe the shrub has cancer?


This next photo is sort of silly.

School has been back in session for about a month, and I’ve noticed the older neighborhood kids passing the house in the afternoons, each with hands free and book bag strapped to his back.

Dang it!  Kids today don’t know how good they have it!  Below is how in olden times in both high school and university I had to maneuver from class to class and walk to and from school.

I would have to repeatedly switch the burden from right arm to left arm and back because my arms would quickly begin to ache.  Plus, right at my wrist the pressure of the weight of the books and the sharpness of the edge of the outermost book caused real pain!



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2 responses to “Picture Post – September 25, 2012

  1. Dave

    I had to carry books the same way. At least for a while. There was some use of a bag sometimes but I really can”t remember when. What I do vividly remember was when someone would come behind you and poke them out from under your arm just to be funny. I hated that cause theyd never help pick them up and there was always alot of hall traffic which would run over you and all your stuff.

    • Ed

      HeeHee…. I guess things hadn’t changed much in the decades between us. I suffered the same fate a few times. An even worse thing that was thankfully popular for only a few months one year in high school was sneaking up behind someone and bashing him on the head with all your books. I don’t know what stopped it – maybe someone was seriously hurt. I remember one time I was almost knocked out by a friend (?) – him giggling away and me, in excruciating pain desperately trying to remain conscious. Kids!! Of course, I never did either of those things. ……….. Really! ……. I didn’t!

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