MISCELLANEA – what a wonderful word!  I love to say it out loud.  It makes me think of an unmarried Southern Belle:  “Evenin’ Miz Ellanea.  Y’all shore do look nahs in that purdy whaht drey-us.”

It also makes a nicer blog post title than ‘Some Unrelated Stuff”.


In my last post I gave one reason why I don’t like walking in the rain.  I should have also stated the main reason – I prefer to take my showers indoors sans clothing.  I hate to walk around in damp clothes and squishy shoes!    😉


Living in a ‘Swing State’ during the run up to a Presidential Election is a trying experience.  For the past month or so I have been getting three or four robo calls a day from the Romney and Obama campaigns.  I listen to the first sentence, then hang up.

  • “Mitt Romney wants to cut corporate taxes and individual taxes for millionaires, at least $257,000 a person, and pay for it by increasing taxes on middle class families …… blah..blah..”
  • “Our Government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  If Barak HUSSEIN Obama is reelected Sharia Law will replace the U.S. Constitution. …….blah..blah..”

Daily my mailbox contains as many political items as junk mail.  Some merely warn that the World will come to an end if the opponent is elected or reelected.  Others contain the same warnings and offer me the wonderful opportunity to contribute to the holy cause.

Almost every commercial break on every commercial TV channel includes at least one political ad, sometimes three or four back-to-back.  Yesterday, during a one hour program I had to suffer through Florida Senator Marco Rubio telling me four times that if I vote for Obama then Medicare will go bust and Rubio’s 80 year old mother will lose the coverage that she has paid for for years, at the time when she most needs it.  He failed to mention that that is a total crock of feces and that the Romney-Ryan plan calls for converting Medicare to a voucher program for everyone presently age 55 and younger.

Three times a guy advised me that in addition to being the worst economic President in the history of the United States, Obama disrespects Netanyahu!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cat Shit, Batman, I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive this onslaught through November 6th!  😥   It is only going to get worse the closer to Election Day we get!


I’ve been agonizing over my cell phone situation for the past few weeks.  I have a real el-cheapo cell phone primarily for emergency purposes which I only take with me when I’m on an out-of-town trip.  I have to buy minutes periodically to keep the phone service active or I will lose all the cumulative minutes that I have purchased.

As of this moment I have accumulated 102 hours plus 29.5 minutes and have only five days of service left.  Basically, it costs me $15 a month to maintain service and keep my accumulated minutes.

I know $15 a month is not much for the occasional security it provides, but still it bugs me.

So, I’ve been thinking seriously about tossing the cell and abandoning all those hours of time, and getting a smart phone.  After the one-time expense for the phone it would cost me around $50 a month for unlimited phone, texting and internet.   I can well afford it.  I just don’t enjoy pissing away money.

I have five days to decide.  Either make the big change, or buy another 60 days and 600 minutes and put off the decision.  Being a world-class procrastinator I’ll probably opt for the latter.    😕



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3 responses to “Miscellanea

  1. Dave

    Isnt everybody entitled to free phone ( from brother government ) for emergency uses?

    • Ed

      I’ve seen such ads in magazines aimed towards old people (like AARP’s monthly rag), and also solicitations for donations of old unused phones for redistribution to people to use in emergencies. I don’t know for sure if there are means requirements for recipients. I’m sure people have to arrange and pay for their actual phone service. For me however it is a moot point. I can well afford any phone I want.

      My intended point in the post, which I didn’t present too clearly, was that I.m thinking if I got a smart phone with all the ‘bells and whistles’ I would likely actually use it a lot, justifying the cost. So I wouldn’t feel like I was just pissing away money for something I rarely used.

  2. Dave

    Well I know one thing you would gain- that being the picture and video quality is so good that you may capture more and work less hard to do so. You would only have to carry one unit to do everything 🙂

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