A Busy Day

I actually got off my rear end and did more than the usual breathing, eating and sleeping this past Friday!

First, I baked a large loaf of Banana Bread.  Trés Yummy but it’s just a memory now.  😥

I’m real funny about bananas.  In spite of having a sweet tooth, I can’t stand the sickishly sweet taste of even a newly ripe banana.   I have sliced bananas in my cereal at least half the time, but they have to be almost green – still very firm and mild.  Once the skin of a banana becomes fully yellow it becomes a candidate for banana bread.  It gets mashed and put in a 2 cup Tupperware container in the freezer.  When enough is accumulated I defrost it and bake a loaf.

The aroma of baking banana bread permeates the entire house.  It’s almost as wonderful as apple pie, which wins because of cinnamon.

Second, I spent almost two hours ironing!   I don’t iron very much – because I don’t know how.  About the only item I’m fairly confident of doing an acceptable job on is a handkerchief.  I buy only wrinkle-free wash and wear shirts, shorts and trousers.  But even they, after many washings , eventually need a little touch up.

I suspect that a video of me ironing would go viral on YouTube – a true comedy sensation .  😆   But I have too much pride to display my inadequacy to the  World.  I pick up a shirt or a pair of cargo shorts and I frankly haven’t a clue.  I realize the purpose is to remove as many wrinkles as possible, keep creases in their proper location, and avoid scorch marks.  What escapes me is how one accomplishes those goals.

But, I am pleased that somehow, in spite of my inadequacy the garments do eventually look slightly better than they did when I removed them from the laundry basket.  🙄

Finally,  our daily downpour stopped somewhere around four o’clock and the rain stayed away long enough for me to attend a high school football game without getting drenched.

This year, our rainy season became a RAINY SEASON.  We’ve had over 80 inches of rain (203 centimeters) in the first nine months alone.  Our normal annual rainfall is around 60 inches.  London, England is considered a rainy place, but their average annual rainfall is around 29 inches.  I like rain, but enough is enough!  This is so crazy because most of the United States is experiencing the worst drought conditions since the Great Depression.

The game, Everglades High School (Miramar, FL) at Flanagan High School (Pembroke Pines, FL) was sort of Blah – Flanagan won 29 – 7.  I’ve attended four games this year and have yet to see a competitive game.  I keep hoping to be at a game in which the outcome is in doubt in the fourth quarter.

A bit of useless trivia – – – Flanagan High School which opened in 1996 was the first public high school within Pembroke Pines’ city limits.  Today, there are quite a few more.  At the time that it opened the city of Pembroke Pines was the fastest growing city in the United States.  Its population grew from 65,000 in 1990 to over 154,000 in the 2010 census.  For a few years the school’s student population exceeded 6,500, making it the largest high school in the United States.  It was so overcrowded that Lunch periods began as 9:00 AM.  Today the student population is a more manageable 3,200.

Of course, I videoed the halftime performances of both bands – which I present here.  I haven’t made a boring terrific marching band post in a long while!   😉

First was the visiting Everglades band.  I thought they did a fine job musically but they certainly need more marching practice.  Several kids appeared to not have a clue about how they were supposed to get to their spots, wandering about aimlessly then rushing into their spot in line late.  Well, at least they knew where they were supposed to end up!

Flanagan’s band was much larger, with many more color guards and rifle throwers (?).  Their performance was more like a musical stage show (but on a very huge stage).  I think the theme was the Zombies video games.  They will be doing the same show in National Competition in a few weeks.  I was impressed by the quality of their performance but I prefer traditional marching.

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