Another Non-Handyman Experience

I’ve made several posts about my not being a Do-It-Yourself-er.  It’s a little embarrassing but I do have other talents so I can accept this personal failing.  I can even laugh about it.

Earlier this week I got another reminder.

I’ve had this Phillips head screwdriver for many years:

I’m sure my mother bought it long ago – I certainly didn’t.  And there is no way my father did.  He was even less a handyman than I am.  If something needed to be done with tools in our house it was my mother that did it.   😛

But, as I wrote above, I have used it now and then over the years.  And so very often I have wished that I had one with a bigger head – to handle larger screws.  I would always tell myself that the next time I was at a hardware store I would get one.  But whenever I would make a rare visit to a hardware I would forget.

This week I had occasion to use it – and when finished I left in on the kitchen counter next to the sink.  A little later I accidentally pushed it into the dish water while loading dishes into the sink.  I got it out of the water and grabbed a paper towel to wipe it off.  First I dried the plastic handle – then grasped the handle and began to wipe the metal portion. I applied too much pressure with the towel because I suddenly had two pieces of a screwdriver; a piece in each hand!   🙄

My immediate reaction was that I had broken it.  But then it registered in my little mind that that was not the case at all.  Would you look at that!!

All these years I’ve had the larger head screwdriver that I’d needed!  It’s a reversible screwdriver!   I felt so stupid!   🙂

Then – – even worse – – look what I read on the handle when I snapped it together.

How could I have used that tool for decades and never read what was on the handle?



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2 responses to “Another Non-Handyman Experience

  1. Dave

    proof that your focus is limited to interest level. Myself being a mechanic ( by trade )and do- it- your- selfer , I would have studied the tool the first time I put a hand on it. 🙂

    • Ed

      You’re right – handyman stuff doesn’t really interest me much. But the strange thing is that when I actually accomplish something simple like remove and replace a toilet, or install a dimmer switch or assemble a piece of furniture I am so proud of myself I want to announce it to the world – like a small child – clap for me! heehee…….

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