Ants in my ……..

For months I’ve been seeing ants crawling on my windshield and hood while driving.  There have even been some inside the car on occasion; on the dashboard, the seats and now and then crawling up my leg.  😯

I thought it odd that ants would leave their nests and head to a car.  After all, there aren’t any food supplies in an automobile.  That they’d find a way to get inside a car didn’t surprise me, though.  There must be many tiny places they can get in.  If they are crawling around outside they certainly will find a way to get inside.

Anyway, it was just a minor annoyance – – until today.

This morning, though, I happened to look down as I got out of my car in the parking lot of a shopping center and noticed about 30 or 40 ants racing around in a panic on the metal directly underneath the door, and more crawling around on the door and the roof of the car – – and it suddenly became clear to me – – the damn little buggers have not been leaving their nests , coming TO my car to hunt for food.  They’ve made their nest IN my car, probably inside the door, and the ones I’ve been seeing all this time have most likely been leaving rather than arriving!

As soon as I arrived home I got my can of odor-free stain-free Ant killer and sprayed under the door and on the plastic floor mats.  That’ll fix em!!  👿

Just one more in a series of weird things happening in my Golden Years.



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2 responses to “Ants in my ……..

  1. naturgesetz

    That definitely is weird. Why in the world would ants build a nest in a car???!!! Global Warming? Apocalypse?

  2. Dave

    That happened to me just a year or 2 ago. I never got them gone completely. But Im a messy person and kept giving them breakfast and coffee supplies to live on.

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