Halloween and the Election Coming Up

• – In case you haven’t heard, we’re having a Presidential election here.  😉  And I happen to live in one of the few “Swing States’ which will determine the winner.  For months I, and I assume every one else in the State of Florida, have been deluged with political propaganda in the mail, bombarded with political TV ads and harassed by live and robo calls on behalf of not only presidential candidates but those seeking positions of US Senator and Congressman, Florida Senator and Representative, State Attorney, Clerk of the Circuit Court, State Supreme Court Justice, County Court Judge, etc., etc.

Most notably, Travis and Jennie from the Republican National Committee have been calling me daily to let me know what a dirtbag and slimeball we have for a President and how the United States as we know it will surely cease to exist if he were to be re-elected.  They are the most consistent robo callers but they have much company.

Weeks ago I stopped listening to them – hanging up before the first sentence is completed.  But that did not deter them.  Finally, this week, I began doing something I have never done before in my life.  I look at the caller ID, and if it is not someone or a company I’m familiar with I don’t answer the phone.  I let my answering machine handle the call.  I’ve heard my voice announce that I can’t come to the phone and please leave a message at the tone as often as 15 to 20 times a day.  None have left messages.

• – The other day I got the 2012 General Election Official Sample Ballot from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections.  It’s a very well done document with all kinds of information in addition to the races and amendments on the ballot, such as dates and times of early voting and the actual election day, early voting locations, illustrated how-to voting procedures, provisional voting procedures and valid IDs.

I was shocked when I saw the number of candidates on the ballot for President and Vice President.  In addition to Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan there are ten additional sets of candidates plus a write-in line – candidates of the Objectivist Party, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, Reform Party, Socialist Party, Party for Socialism & Libertarian, Peace & Freedom Party, America’s Party and the Justice Party.  Not a one of them can expect to get even one per cent of the vote.

The candidate for President of the Peace & Freedom Party  is comedienne Roseanne Barr.  She has starred in a long running TV situation comedy.  She can deliver a disgustingly vulgar standup comedy routine with the best of them.  She has screeched a horribly out of tune rendition of the National Anthem on national television at a sporting event all the while groping her crotch.

Sure seems to me  like solid qualifications for the position of leader of the free world!   😆

• – I’m starting to get serious about my annual outing to the cinema to escape the ghosties and goblins on Halloween.  I believe I’ve “served my time” rushing to answer the doorbell every few minutes for several hours to hand out goodies.

I rarely go to the movies anymore – most years just one time.  But having dinner at a restaurant followed by a movie is a great way to escape for three or four hours.  This Friday I will actually open the special weekly entertainment sections in both newspapers and carefully read the reviews of all the movies playing at the three nearby multiple screen cinemas – an make the selection of my movie of the year.


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