Picture Post with a Couple Vids – 10/25/2012

First – YAY!  Nary an ant either on or in my auto!!!   😀

Next – Another hurricane (Sandy) is passing by but will be just an annoyance for us in South Florida tonight and tomorrow – strong winds and lots of water.   Folks in the Bahamas, however, will not be so lucky, being in the storm’s direct path.  There is also concern in the Northeast that Sandy will ruin Halloween and Election Day.   😥

Now for the photos –  I took them last week at Flamingo Gardens in Davie – Botanical Gardens and Wildlife Sanctuary.  I go there three or four times a year with a camera hoping to take a great photo.  Hasn’t happened yet, but I keep hoping.

Could be the inspiration for the phrase “.. a face only a mother could love!”

Surprise!  Flamingos in Flamingo Gardens!

The house cat – lives in the gift shop.


Large ugly and scary looking spider.


A short video in the Aviary of a black bird which I think is a raven.  At least it looks just like the images of ravens I found in Google.

A video I took from inside my patio this afternoon showing the early effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Not a particularly hard rain but check out the wind on the water.


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