Coloring Caligula

I’ve mentioned several times in posts that I do a lot of photo editing and manipulating with Photoshop.  I especially enjoy restoring damaged photos and colorizing black and white shots.  But mostly I just tweak my current photos, ‘cuz Lord knows they need it!   😉

Last week I viewed the following photo of an  ancient marble bust of the Roman Emperor Caligula on some web site.  Frankly, I don’t recall what the site was or even why I had logged on to it.

I don’t like marble statues.  They’re so cold and lifeless, and the eyes whether empty sockets or with sculpted marble pupils give me the creeps.  As I looked at the photo I began to wonder if the bust would look less creepy and more human if some color was added – and decided to download the photo and play with it in Photoshop.

The following I did in only 20 minutes.  It would take several hours to do a good job.  I certainly would have taken more pains adding pupils, rather than just plopping in dark almost circular blobs and slightly tinting.  And adding some texture to his hair would be a major improvement. Removing or muting the shadow under the chin would have required substantial effort.  But, as I noted above, marble sculptures give me the creeps.  To finish up, just for fun.  I gave him a green T-shirt.  😕

I wasn’t so wild about the dark purple background, so I quickly lightened it and tinted it blue.

Restoring damaged photos is lots more fun – and more time consuming.  A few years ago I found this old photo taken of my parents with my oldest brother in the summer of 1925.  It was in terrible shape.  Restoration took lots more than 20 minutes!

I removed the sepia tone, then worked on all the scratches and missing portions, ending up like so.

Finally, I added back the sepia tone.

One of the most fun things I’ve ever done with Photoshop, which I won’t show here because it’s of family, was replacing a head.  In a photo taken of my nephew’s wife with her son and his bride at their wedding the camera caught her with a very unflattering expression.  She asked me if I could replace her ugly mug in that photo with one from another photo taken at the wedding in which she had a very pleasant smile.  That was fairly easy to do, and you would never guess the photo had been tampered with.



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2 responses to “Coloring Caligula

  1. Dave

    I would consider your talents to be leaning on the professional end. At least thats what impression I just got in the few examples given.

    • Ed

      I wish that were so, but Photoshop makes those kinds of edits quite simple. I’m retired – lots of time with nothing to do and lacking the ambition to do anything meaningful I make up things to do to fill the time.

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