A Senior Moment and Catching Cold

I have caught a cold!  Grrrr…. This is the second one this year,  which is extremely rare for me.  I usually go two or three years between colds.  I don’t have much contact with people so I’m rarely exposed and I can’t figure out how I got this one.

At least it has been a mild one.  Still – for the past few days I’ve felt kinda blah and not in the mood to make a blog post.  Mainly, I was just feeling sorry for myself.  But I am definitely on the mend and expect to be 100% tomorrow.

Now for my Senior Moment:  Thursday afternoon I was sitting at my dining room table reading the newspaper when one of the two light bulbs in the ceiling fixture blew.  I knew that the globe and the decorative round thingy (Sorry about the non-technical term – I don’t know what you call it) and the screw-on knob that hold it on were too hot to touch, so I flipped the wall switch off, got a new bulb from the closet   and waited about 15 minutes for things to cool down.

Then I climbed up onto a chair, unscrewed the knob, removed the thingy, knob and the globe.  After putting them on the table I grabbed the new bulb, and with my other hand unscrewed the dead bulb.  I screwed in the new bulb and was surprised that it didn’t light up.  I thought maybe I hadn’t screwed it in properly, so I unscrewed it and tried again – still no light.  Thinking my fresh bulb was defective I unscrewed it, climbed down from the chair and headed for the closet where I keep replacement bulbs.

I was halfway there when it hit me – the damn bulb didn’t light up because I’d turned the lights off at the wall switch!  😳  The fact that the other bulb also hadn’t lit up had never  registered in my little mind.

Embarrassed and glad that no one else had been present to witness my performance, I went back, grabbed the bulb again, climbed up on the chair and screwed it in for the third time.  I climbed down and flipped the wall switch on.  Ta Da!!  💡 💡

Finally –  it was back up onto the chair to refasten the globe.



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2 responses to “A Senior Moment and Catching Cold

  1. Dave

    Entertainment for sure! Wish I was there to see. Probably would have been better than just imagining it. We all do something like that ≥ senior or not. My favorite is when I run upstairs ( or down ) and immediately sit there wondering why I did it……

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