Bengal Tiger Show at the Fair – Video

Our 2012 Broward County Fair opened last Thursday.  I was going to walk over on Saturday evening when I was sure there would be a big crowd with all the rides busy.  But it rained on and off all day long and the skies looked threatening at dusk – so I decided to go Monday night instead.

I walked to the fair to make it part of my walking program.  It’s almost exactly a mile and a half from my house, so the to and from made for three miles, plus my roaming about for more than an hour added at least an additional mile.

Tonight was unusually cool for this time of year, only 65°F (18°C).  😕  The fairground was almost deserted and most of the rides were idle.  Lots of the people who did show up were shivering in their sweaters and jackets.  Heehee…  If we had a temperature in late November back home in Western New York State we would think we’d died and gone to Heaven!

I made this video of a Bengal Tiger show going on off in a corner of the fairground.  I think cats are by far the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom.

I uploaded the video to YouTube, so if you click on the YouTube logo you can watch it in full screen 1080p HD.  The video is a little over 8 minutes long.



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