Picture Post – Dec. 1, 2012 – Ft. Lauderdale Beach

I decided to take my walk Friday at the beach in Fort Lauderdale.  It was a beautiful day, temperature over 75°F, but very windy.  The ocean was quite rough also.  There were few people on the beach, but many folk strolling on both sides of the Ocean Highway.

FLB16See ….. didn’t I say it was windy?

Bottle FishI thought this display was really neat.

BottlesI didn’t realize until I got right up next to it that it was made up of empty plastic water bottles attached to a frame.

FLB17I’m jealous!  When I was a kid all we had were metal swings, slides and monkey bars.

DSCN2703Nobody was renting on this day!  The water was too rough.

FLB13Brave souls pumping up board.

FLB01Lunch time across the street.

FLB11More lunchers. (not sure that’s a word – Spellcheck doesn’t like it.)

FLB03Hotels across the street.

FLB06‘nother hotel.

FLB07Some beach damage from Hurricane Sandy.  Ocean almost up to the road – one lane blocked off.

FLB08More of damage.

FLB10I am amazed by this shot.   I took this at maximum telephoto with my fairly inexpensive point and shoot Nikon camera.  The cruise ship was so far away and so small  that with the naked eye I thought it was a container ship – yet it appears close to shore and the photo is in fairly sharp focus near and far.


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