Itchy Palms and a Short Video

Boing!  It was 4:35 AM yesterday, and I was suddenly wide awake.  No reason!  If it was because I needed to take a whiz I could understand and accept.  But it happens almost every night – between 4:15 and 4:45 I wake up and find it difficult to get back to sleep.  It is very disconcerting!  Especially because I usually go to bed between midnight and 1:00 AM.

But yesterday morning was a little different.  The center of my right palm was itching.  To the superstitious that’s supposed to be an omen of some sort.  But I’m not sure what it’s supposed to portend.  I think it’s either that I am going to kiss a fool, or that I will be soon coming into money.

Heehee….  It must have been the latter.  Later in the morning I checked the lottery results and discovered that I had matched three numbers in last night’s multi-state Powerball Lottery draw.  I won $7.00!!   🙂


I went to a high school basketball game a few nights ago.  I took my new cam-corder and videoed the entire game.  Why? ‘Cuz I could!  😉   Previously, I could take 1080p HD videos with my still camera and 720p HD vids with my little Flip camera.  But with each one the battery limited the length of video I could make.  Plus,  neither gave any warning when the battery was going to die, except when it was imminent.

My cam-corder battery lasts over two hours at full 1080p HD and the capacity of the SD card is even greater.  I deleted most of the game video after viewing it.  But here is a minute and a half from the game that I think is interesting.

About half way through the video the boy with frizzy afro-like hair wearing number 10 in white makes a pass that doesn’t connect.   He had possession at the side, and an opponent came up to closely guard him.  He was open to shoot if he had been ready when he received the ball but when closely guarded all he could do was return the ball back to the point, where a teammate was approaching.

You can see from the body language of poor number 10 as his pass sails through empty space to land out of bounds in the backcourt that he knows that he will be immediately removed from the game – one of the saddest most defeated walks I’ve ever seen!   😥

Near the end another kid on the white team makes a spectacular slide out of bounds at the end of a fast break.  Heehee  ….  apparently found an icy spot on the court!   😕

You have to click on the full screen button at the bottom right and the HD button at the upper right – otherwise the video is blurry and too small.  I still don’t understand why WordPress can’t display a HD video nearly as sharp as uploaded.


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