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Update on Walking Program   – In my make believe 1,430 mile walk from my house to my brother’s house in Rochester, New York, I am now very close to achieving my objective.  As of this morning I have walked over 2,750,000 steps, which equates to 1,357.73 miles.  That would put me on Interstate 90 at West Seneca, New York, just south of Buffalo.  It’s time to start thinking about where I will make-believe walk when I finish this trip!

UFO Identified – Heehee…  😉   I went out my front door a few nights ago around 7:30 PM headed to the supermarket.  It was very dark out, not a cloud in sight – no Moon, no Stars.  Looking straight ahead at the sky I saw a small round bright blue object with flashes of other colors around the edges.  It appeared to be at least a mile away and was either stationary or headed in my direction.  It was obviously neither a plane or a helicopter.

It was a strange sight.  I didn’t have a clue to what it could be.  Thus it was to me in the strict sense of the word, a UFO.   However, I wasn’t concerned that the Martians were attacking.  There were no F-16 Jet Fighters swarming around it blasting it with missiles.   😛

I went back into the house and got my binoculars.  Back outside the object was certainly closer, because it was much bigger.  When I got the object in focus the mystery was immediately solved – the Unidentified was Identified.  It was the DirecTV Blimp lit up blue, with huge video screens on each side displaying ads.

So, I went back inside again and got my cam-corder – Here’s about thirty seconds of my video showing the blimp as it passed over my black olive tree and then directly over my head.

Sick Hibiscus -I was so proud of my four new hibiscus bushes that I planted earlier this year.  For several months daily I had many beautiful giant hibiscus blossoms on all four bushes – dark blood red, pink, yellow and plain red.

About two months ago, though, suddenly there were no blossoms.  It was not a matter of them being out of season – all the other hibiscus in the neighborhood were happily producing.  When I examined the plants closely I found that they were all ailing.  Something was feasting on the leaves leaving large holes, and attacking buds causing them to fall before they could bloom.

I’m no gardener, so hit the garden shop of the local Home Depot and purchased some highly poisonous concoction guaranteed to kill anything smaller than a breadbox but not harm a plant.  I then dutifully followed the directions and sprayed the stuff all over my hibiscus bushes.

Days passed with no change – so I did it again.  More days – no change – and another application – no change.  Then I tried another brand – without success.

I was to the point of giving up and pulling up the bushes, when I saw an article in the local newspaper about caring for hibiscus.  The article stated that hibiscus was one of the most delicate shrubs to keep healthy – giving a long list of nasty little things that find their leaves and buds so delectable.  The article said that the most effective treatment of any infestation was spraying leaves and buds with soapy water.  Wow!  Really?  Who’da thunk?

I’ve given all four bushes four good sprayings in the past few weeks – and TA DA!  Three of the four are now happily producing many beautiful blossoms.  The fourth?  Not so good – still no progress.  I still have hopes, though.  I gave it another spritzing tonight.

Here are photos of some blossoms from one of the bushes that I took a few days ago.  How about that!   😀

My Hibiscus 01 My Hibiscus 02 My Hibiscus 03 My Hibiscus 04


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