Picture Post – Dec. 21, 2012

The World didn’t end today so I’m going to make a post – just a few photos.  Nothing is happening ’round these parts that I can write about.  I’m just waiting out the final ten days of my annual December Bah Humbug Blahs.

(This is an Edit:  I found out when I checked this post after uploading it that WordPress made a change to the way uploaded media files are handled – and didn’t tell me!!  Grr…..  In order to allow viewers to enlarge uploaded photos by clicking on them the poster has to establish a link to the uploaded file; otherwise all the viewer can see is the photo size on the Blog page.

I just went back several posts and updated each photo, so they now can be enlarged.)

Tiny Flowers 01A very tiny flower in a field of weeds with also has an occasional blade of grass.   This very close look shows how roughly lawn mowers cut grass.

Tiny Flowers 02A few more tiny flowers clinging to a chain-link fence.

Male Muscovy DuckMale Muscovy duck at a nearby park.

Flea Market 01Flea Market in a church parking lot.

Flea Market 02This guy had quite an assortment of stuff – furniture, dishes and glasses, toys, XMAS stuff, clothing, sporting goods etc.

Flea Market 04Nobody was here to sell these handmade crafts, mostly bird feeders.  I wonder if the owner’s trust in peoples’ honesty was justified.

LeavesSome nasty little things had been having a feast on these two leaves.

Leaves CuredI fixed the leaves as best I could with Photoshop.


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