Year’s End

At this moment just a few hours remain in the 2012.  Yet, it seems the year was begun only recently.  Tempus certainly has a way of Fugit-ing!   😉

2013! Hard to believe.   I recall as a young man wondering if I would live to see the start of a new century – thinking that it was unlikely.  And now I am more than a decade beyond that with reasonable expectations that I will be around a while longer – recognizing that no one of us has a guarantee of even tomorrow.  One can hope!

As is usual for me December has been depressing, so I am eagerly anticipating Midnight when the mental cloud miraculously lifts and my mood lifts with it.

I have been mainly a recluse all this month; only venturing out the door when absolutely necessary.  Christmas Day I spent mostly reading.  My Holiday Dinner was fried eggs and link sausages, buttered wheat toast with strawberry jam, orange juice and coffee – sorta Blah, just like my month.

I did get in a lot of reading done, though – I didn’t spend all my time brooding.  As has been my habit for the past several years I’ve been reading multiple books at once.  I used to be like normal people, reading one book at a time.  Why I changed?  I don’t know. Maybe my powers of concentration have eroded with age.  I’ll read a chapter or two of one book; put it down; pick up another and read some of that; then on to another,etc. – sometimes cycling through all the books several times in one sitting.  Weird, I know!   😐

These are the books I’m reading now – two Sci-Fi novels, a mystery on my Kindle and a biography of Thomas Jefferson by Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham.   I always make sure to fit some serious literature in with the escapist stuff.

At the point I’m at in the Jefferson biography he is the US Minister to France in the late 1780’s, in his early 40’s, more than a decade after writing the Declaration of Independence and more than a decade before his presidency.  Jefferson may arguably have  been  the most brilliant, talented and accomplished person that ever lived on this continent – but so far I have to admit that I do not like him much.  Perhaps he will redeem himself in my mind in the remaining pages.

And …. Yes, I realize my Bonsai Tree is in need of a haircut!   😛





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2 responses to “Year’s End

  1. Dave

    This has little to do with the post- but about your December depression? At least your in Florida. Tennessee is dark, cold and raining starting December thru like April. I hate it with passion! I mean it rains daily till it turns everything to pure mud. It is like 33 degree cold but not enough for snow. I cant wait till I can move someday for different reasons but that one is out in front…..
    Happy new year!

    • Ed

      I know exactly how you feel. I lived in Maryland for 14 years and Indiana one, plus almost 30 years in Western New York (real snow country). I won’t go near any of those places from October to April. I hope you can someday find your way to warmer climes.

      My December depression, or malaise, is not related to the weather. But – Hurrah! Hurrah! – a new year has arrived and my spirits elevated!

      Happy New Year!

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