Numbers – Numbers – and More Numbers

On Saturday, January 5th this Blog became 1,000 days old!  That’s a lot of ‘dwindling days’!   😉

I took a look through WordPress’ statistics and came up with some interesting numbers – at least to my little accountant’s mind.  Normal folk are not nearly as enamored, I realize.  anyway – – here goes…. In those 1,000 days I…..

  • Made 373 posts.
  • Wrote 125,945 words – not counting words in the titles -that is the equivalent of three novels!
  • Uploaded 725 personal photographs and 48 others taken from the Internet.
  • Uploaded 65 personal videos and 43 others taken from YouTube.

No wonder it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to come up with anything to write about that even interests me!   Nevertheless, I will continue soldiering on, but probably less frequently   😕

More numbers – –  In those 1,000 days there were 16,004 views, from 117 countries.  That is not very  impressive – an average of only 16 a day – although there has been a gradual increase each year:

  • 2010 – 8 a day
  • 2011 – 14 a day
  • 2012 – 24 a day

I was sort of pleased with the increase, however unimpressive, until WordPress recently added a new stat – the number of unique visitors each day.  I had believed that views were equal to the number of visitors.  Turns out that the average number of actual visitors is only 2/3rds of the views total.    😥


Still on the subject of numbers – – my 1,430 mile fantasy walk from my home to my brother’s home in Rochester, New York is almost complete.  As of tonight I have covered 1,421.86 miles – – just 8.14 miles to go!!!  Woo Hoo!   😀

I’ve walked 299 days since I started 689 days ago – that’s almost exactly 43.0% of the days, during which I’ve taken over 2,887,000 steps!




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2 responses to “Numbers – Numbers – and More Numbers

  1. Dave

    57% of days in Florida rained? A middling statistic if so.

    • Ed

      Ha Ha! True that rain was a major reason for my not walking. But many times the reason was that I was too lazy to move my butt. And, also, there were occasions in which I had something to do, like a person who actually has a life!

      My goal was to do my walk on 50% of the days. I came reasonably close.

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