My birthday is in December – a reminder of the rapid passage of time.  The awareness that New Years is approaching just adds to that realization.  And, of course, there is Christmas – with its accompanying ghosts of Christmases past.  I believe that it is the combination of these events that makes the month a real downer for me.

It is not depression.  Depression is a serious thing.  It is more like a vague sadness and melancholy constantly hovering at the edge of my awareness – if that makes any sense.  But always the arrival of the new year chases those feelings away.

It has always been my custom to buy myself presents both for my birthday and for Christmas – it temporarily lifts my mood a little.   But, this past December I didn’t do it.  Also, this past December was the first in my life that I didn’t receive any presents on those days.  I guess that’s what happens when one gets to be old and lives many hundreds of miles from family – out of sight – out of mind.

A little over a week ago, on January 4th to be exact,  I was thinking about that, how it was sort of a bummer – when suddenly I realized that I DID!  I DID get a present!  I had completely forgotten that I had received an Email from Sears in early December wishing me a Happy Birthday with a coupon for $10 off on any purchase over $30.  I was instructed to print the Email and present it to a cashier at either Sears or K-Mart before a certain date when I made my purchase.

I had printed the Email and then forgotten all about it.  So I searched around and found it, discovering  that it was going to expire on close-of-business on January 5th – it was still good!

So I went the next day to Sears to use the $10 towards new sneakers.  Don’t you laugh!  👿  That’s what they’re called back where I’m from.  Down here in Florida if I forget and blurt out that word, it is always followed by Yuck Yucks!  It seems that ’round these parts they’re mainly referred to by their brand names, like Nikes, Adidas, Air Jordans, etc.

I found a pair I liked which normally sells for $75 on sale for $34.99.

At the customer service station the cashier asked me if I also wanted to use my reward points.  I have a Rewards Card which earns me points on all my purchases at either Sears or K-Mart.  I figured it was about $2.00 because I don’t shop at either store much.  I said: “Sure. How much is it? ”  I was shocked when she said it was $15.89.

So, I got my pair of $75.00 sneakers for $34.99, less $10.00, less $15.89, plus State Sales Tax of $0.55 =  $9.65    😀

I was so pleased that I went directly to Barnes & Nobles Book Store and bought me belated Christmas presents – three books listing at over $85.00 all on sale for only $38.00 after my member discounts.


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