Photos and More Shoreline Fixes

Here are a few photos taken recently:

IbisIbis passing by.

Wee FlowersClose up of wee weed flowers.  Strange – I spend a lot of money to a lawn care company to ensure that weeds such as these do not get a toehold in my lawn – yet I must admit that these delicate tiny flowers are absolutely beautiful.

LogThis log washed ashore during a recent heavy rainstorm.  It’s resting on the erosion barrier bag I had installed a few years ago – which has been exposed by further erosion.

This week I finally did something to, I hope, permanently solve my shore erosion problem.  I had two layers of concrete bags laid on top of the giant erosion barrier bag creating an absolute barrier similar to a break-wall – and filling in behind and on top with topsoil and sod.  My shoreline is now almost exactly straight, whereas before erosion had made it very uneven.

Shore 01 Shore 02 Shore 03In summer the lake level will rise to approximately the lower layer of concrete bags.  In hurricanes and heavy rains it may come up over onto the lawn it but will always retreat rather quickly.  There will no longer be continuous wave action drawing away the soil beneath the grass all summer.  Nor will large fish have access to the grass.

Oh! Oh! – Monday evening at about 7:30 PM I passed the total of 1,430 miles distance of my make-believe journey to my brother’s house.  Next Sunday in my weekly telephone conversation with my brother I will inform him that I arrived at his house, rang the doorbell several times, but nobody came to the door.  So, I said: “The hell with it!”; turned around and headed back home!   😀


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  1. Frank

    Dear Ed,

    I am a graphic designer for a company out of Pittsburgh, PA and I am currently working on a video for Ocean Point Hotel Resort & Spa in Miami and I found a picture I would like permission to use of the Julia Tuttle Statue. I wanted to get permission straight from the source! Please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks!


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