The Forest Primeval

God!  I really have no life – so it is difficult to think of anything to write about.

I’ve been talking with a niece about our annual get together in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina planned for May.  We’re thinking about renting a condo in a different area than we have stayed in the past; probably north of the city, but still right on the beach.  That area is closer to most of the major attractions, shopping and restaurants.

This reminded me of a short video I took there two years ago – which is the purpose of this post.

That part of South Carolina was not settled by Europeans until very near the end of the eighteenth century, after the Revolutionary War.   The whole area was forest and the only people around were the Waccamaw Indians.

Anyway, two years ago I arrived in town much too early for our scheduled rendezvous, so I was forced to roam about to kill time.  One of the places I went was Myrtle Beach State Park, which has a beautiful beach and boardwalk, picnic and play areas and forestland.

While wandering through the forest, I thought that this was how the area must have looked to the first settlers – so I made this short video.


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January 23, 2013 · 8:05 PM

One response to “The Forest Primeval

  1. Dave

    Can you imagine being a first settler? What would you notice first? For me it would be the climate( at least in the more southern states )

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