Picture Post – February 3, 2013

Weed FlowersMore of my favorite flowering weeds – favorite in other peoples’ yards, that is.

Side YardMy side yard showing my hibiscus shrubs which I have nursed back to health with soapy water.

Pink HibiscusOne of today’s crop of hibiscus – awesome colors!

Red HibiscusAnother.

InaugurationI took this photo from my TV on Inauguration Day.  The camera saw very different colors than my eyeballs!  I tried to correct the colors in Photoshop but gave up because I was just making them worse.   😥

Watch I’ve had this watch for several years, and it was very comfortable on my wrist up to about a year ago.  I think my wrist size changed because suddenly of the two notches on the band that most closely match my wrist size, one has become uncomfortably tight and the other annoyingly loose.  Every replacement band I’ve seen would look terrible on the watch and it would do no good to get an identical band (even if I could find one) because I would have the same problem.  The current band is still in excellent condition, anyway.

Of the two choices I prefer tight to loose.  So I’ve been removing my watch once or twice during the day to relieve the discomfort and I no longer wear it to bed.  I was always accustomed to wearing a watch 24/7, only removing it when showering or swimming.  Having a naked left wrist  is quite disconcerting!

I really like this watch.  It has all the bells and whistles and is both water proof and shock proof.  But I guess I’ll have to buy a new one.


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