Miami Photos

Friday I drove into Miami with my camera hoping to take a few photos to put on my Flickr site.  The ride into town on Interstate 95 was a pleasure – not at all like my one-time daily commute which usually was a bumper to bumper crawl all the way.  Of course driving at noon is usually different than during the morning or afternoon rush hours.  Unfortunately, the drive home was a reminder of the horrors of my working days – made me marvel how I ever tolerated the trip twice a day every weekday.   😕

It was a beastly hot day, and given that I am a World-class perspirer, it didn’t long before I began to melt!  So, I cut the trip short and headed for the parking garage and the air-conditioned comfort of my auto!

I did take quite a few photos, though, but I didn’t get far from Bayfront Park and the immediate downtown area.  I was annoyed with myself, because once again I took several photos before I realized that I had not changed the camera setting after taking some extreme close up shots a few days before.  😥

I’ll be posting some of the photos here and over the next several days.  All the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.  A second click monster sizes them.

Miami River01Some highrises on the Miami River where it enters into Biscayne Bay.

Miami01-Tourist BusDouble Decker tourist bus at Bayfront Park.

Miami05View of a few downtown buildings from Bayfront Park.

Miami06-BayfrontBayfront Park

Miami19Brickell Avenue

Miami22Traffic crossing the bridge over the Miami River onto Brickell Avenue waiting for the light.

Miami24-MetromoverElevated free Miami Metromover at Interstate 95 downtown Exit.

Miami25I saw several of these in the area.  It is not a parking meter.  It collects coins from the public ti support homeless people.

Squirrel02I’m not sure what this squirrel was feasting on.  At first I thought it was a baby carrot, but when I enlarged the photo I saw that it was flat – probably not a carrot, but evidently quite delicious!

Bird-02Cute bird watching goldfish in a pond in Bayfront Park.

Gull03Seagull resting a leg.

More to come ………


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