More Miami

There are several statues in Bayfront Park.  Some have very little connection to Miami.

Miami02-Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus

Miami09-Julia TuttleJulia Tuttle – She persuaded Henry Flagler to extend his railroad to South Florida in the late 19th century which transformed Miami from a tiny village to the world class city of today.

Miami30-Simon BolivarSimon Bolivar – Hero of Hispanic American struggle for independence from Spain.

Miami11-Claude PepperClaude Pepper – Long serving former Senator and Representative from Miami who championed the cause of the elderly.

Miami10-Claude PepperClose-up view of old Claude.

Miami32-Ponce de LeonJuan Ponce de Leon – Discovered Florida and claimed it for Spain in 1513, while seeking the Fountain of Youth – which is still missing.   😕

Miami33-Torch of FriendshipTorch of Friendship commemorating immigrants to South Florida from the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The “Eternal Flame” burns sometimes and  occasionally goes out without explanation.  The monument was dedicated to John F. Kennedy shortly after his assassination.

Miami38-ArtThis is alleged to be Art.

Miami39-BayfrontCharter boats for deep sea fishing.

Miami37-Bayfront TreeAncient Banyan Tree in Bayside Marketplace in Bayfront Park.  It is 75 feet tall and believed to be 100 years old.

A few more to come ………


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