Happy (Chinese) New Year

I’ll be adding some more Miami photos in the next post, but I decided that tonight I would post a short video I took this evening while on my walk.

I passed by a Chinese Restaurant, the Bamboo Garden,  in a nearby mall just as they were preparing a short celebration of the Chinese New Year 2013 which occurred yesterday, February 10.  This is the Year of the Snake.

Bamboo Garden

Here is the video:



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4 responses to “Happy (Chinese) New Year

  1. Dave

    This caused me to go in to a huge self absorbed study of the Chinese zodiac. I am not so sure I’m pleased with my own results as I researched my year of birth-ect. I dont believe anybody wants to be a “Rat”

  2. Dave

    Ok I screwed up. I was curious to look up yours Ed and found out I am actually an Ox. You are a Tiger. Guess I need to practice before doing any solid readings. Oops.

    • Ed

      Ha ha .. I Googled and found out I was a Tiger today, just a few hours before your comment. Surely there must be a mistake, I feel I am more closely related to the Rabbit or the Monkey. Oh well, at least I’m not a Rat or Snake!

  3. Dave

    Well it should be a good year anyway. I dont think the snake wants any part of either or us.

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