Brrr……., Not Really

Friday evening, tired by the long journey and nearly exhausted from nearly three months of wreaking unprecedented Arctic havoc on the northern American states, Old Man Winter limped weakly into South Florida – determined  to put some serious chill on the three day Holiday weekend.

But his strength had been severely drained.  He could barely bring the overnight temps down to the high 40’s (F).   Then the arrival of the tropical sun in the morning proved too much to counter in his weakened state.  So he decided to rest and rebuild his strength to mount a stronger attack in the evening.  All day Saturday was delightful, with bright sunshine, puffy white clouds, gentle breezes and temps in the mid 70’s.

With mighty determination he returned in the evening – but, try as he might, he could only drop the overnight temps to the low 50’s.  Undaunted, he fought bravely during the daytime Sunday – but was hard pressed to keep the temperature from rising above 60°.  The tropical Sun is truly a formidable foe!

After only able to drop the temps to the mid-50’s Sunday night, he admitted defeat.  Figuratively bloodied and beaten, tail between his legs, he headed back to the North, where resistance is weaker.

I guess the old fellow will never learn.  Every year he tries to gain a foothold in these parts – sometimes twice or more.  And, yes, some years he’s even able to hang on for a day or two longer and whittle the temperature another 10 degrees or so.  But, in all, it is a losing proposition.

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  1. Dave

    Thats one losing proposition I wouldnt mind being a part owner of. Tennessee is not near enough south for me.

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