Picture Post – March 16, 2013

Still seeking inspiration, and still unsuccessful.  But I have taken a few photos to share – (all of which look much better enlarged by clicking on them).

This morning I went to the Cooper City Sports Complex.  Cooper City is immediately north of Pembroke Pines.  The complex has multiple baseball diamonds, soccer and football fields, basketball courts, roller hockey rinks and a kiddie playground.  On Saturdays there are usually many youth team games ongoing.  The place is crowded with hundreds of competitors and hundreds of parents.

I took a few photos of little ones playing baseball and of a young goalie practicing for his game.

Batter UpBatter up!  It is amazing how well the little people learn the offensive and defensive stances of the pros.

Grounder to 2ndSame batter hitting grounder to 2nd baseman, who moved to his left to field the ball and throw the batter out at first..

I tested my camera’s continuing shooting mode with the following shots of a batter taking batting practice.

Batting Practice 1 Batting Practice 2 Batting Practice 3 Batting Practice 4The final photo looks like the batter has hit a line drive, but in the previous photo it is obvious that he hit the ball into the ground and the final photo shows the ball on the bounce.   You can see in the 4th photo how the shortstop has come up out of his crouch from the 3rd photo preparing to field the ground ball.

The batter’s fellow’s form was excellent – He kept his eyes on the ball;  he  got the bat down level; his follow through and footwork were good.  He just topped the ball rather than making solid contact.

The following photos are of a goalie practicing.

Goalie Practice 1

Goalie Practice 2

G03Heehee…..  This was supposed to be a shot of him preparing to stop a shot – – but it appears as if he decided to read his shirt instead.   😕  – – either that or his shirt was sweaty and clinging.  It was kinda warm out.

Oh, I had to include another of my hibiscuses!

Pink Hibiscus02

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  1. Dave

    Awesome. I hoped the hiatus wouldnt last long!

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