Wandering Wastebasket – – and a few Photos

Back in September 2011 I posted about relocating the wastebasket in my bedroom from beneath my desk to a spot next to my dresser where it was not visible when entering the room.  The wastebasket had been in the former location for 21 years.

I wrote about how difficult it was for me to adjust to the change.  It had been three weeks and I was still automatically heading to the the former location.

Well, I’m pleased to report that it took only a few more weeks before I was completely reprogrammed.  I have been heading to the correct location all the time ever since.  It’s as if it has always been next to the dresser – proof that an old dog can truly learn new tricks!

A few days ago I had a batch of junk mail to dispose of and, naturally, proceeded to deposit them in my bedroom wastebasket – – but found an empty space where the wastebasket was supposed to be!  😕

I was rather taken aback.  I mean – – it’s been there for a year and a half!  Where had it gone?  I certainly didn’t remember moving it.  There wasn’t any reason to have done so.  Once a week, on Tuesday evening,  I lift it up. empty the contents into a large plastic trash bag, and put it back.  Those are the only times I even touch it.

Naturally, I eventually found it under my desk.  I do not remember putting it there, but knew I had to have.  It could not have moved itself.  Obviously on the previous Tuesday, my mind, operating on auto pilot, utilized the former programmed procedure that I thought had been permanently updated.

Weird, eh?

Now, the photos.  I captured the following two views of the sunset while on my walk Sunday evening  – Awesome!



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