A few recent exciting happenings in my exciting life – – –

Um…………………   Um………………..    😕

Well, exciting happenings rarely occur ’round these parts.  That’s why I’ve been on a semi-hiatus with this Blog.

Uh ….. my toaster died yesterday.  But I don’t imagine that qualifies.

I’m not much of a bread eater.  I’ll buy a loaf of 100% whole grain wheat bread – deposit it in the freezer – and it will last a month or two.  I’ll occasionally make a sandwich for lunch or French Toast.  Maybe once a month I have a breakfast for my dinner – three eggs fried sunny-side up, a glass of OJ, three pork sausage links, black coffee and two slices of toast with butter and Smucker’s Strawberry Preserves.  ‘Cuz everyone knows that: “With a name like Smucker’s it’s gotta be good!”  At least that’s what they say in their TV ads.  Definitely a yummy dinner.

But, last night, around 10 PM, I actually got a craving for toast and strawberry preserves.  And, wouldn’t you know it – that is when the toaster decided to die!  All was not lost, however, because I do have a toaster oven- which saved the day.

Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone would use a toaster oven to toast bread – except for in an emergency like last night.  The upper and lower heating elements must use a lot of electricity because they’re so large and so far from the bread – and it seems forever before the bread starts to brown.

I bought a new two-slice toaster today.

Two mid-sized very noisy black birds have recently taken up residence in a tree next to my back screened-in patio.  I don’t know what kind of bird they are – just that they are all  black and much smaller than a crow or raven – about  the size of a Robin, actually.

Yesterday morning while I was having breakfast the birds suddenly went totally ape-feces – screeching frantically and louder than ever.  I also heard much feather fluttering.  When I went to the kitchen window I discovered the reason.  A neighbor’s cat was half way up the trunk of the birds’ nesting tree and the birds were attempting to attack it, all the while making a g0d-awful racket.  I haven’t heard any peeping of baby birds, so I assume the birds were defending their eggs.

It wasn’t long before the cat decided that success was unlikely.  It dropped down to the ground beneath the tree but did not retreat.  Instead, it lay stretched out nonchalantly  licking its paws while the birds – one in the tree and the other on the next door neighbor’s fence – continued their screeching.  After a while it calmly rose and casually strolled away, its dignity intact. How very cool!

It appears as if our neighborhood rooster has acquired a small harem.  All this week when I’ve gone out to pick up my newspapers I’ve seen him on his morning neighborhood cock-a-doodle-do rounds accompanied by two or three female Muscovy ducks.

Although ducks and chickens can not interbreed it is not unusual for them to make whoopie.  Because of the size and corkscrew shape of its member a male duck can cause serious damage to a chicken – even kill it.  But the other way around causes no harm to a female duck.  If this apparent togetherness is real I am very happy for the rooster, which has been roaming the neighborhood for many months unsuccessfully seeking female companionship.

Hmmmm …… maybe things aren’t quite as boring ’round here as I thought!  😀




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2 responses to “Happenings

  1. Dave

    I like the blue green background..Ill bet you remember when toasters were dangerous…….:)

    • Ed

      Shucks, they still are. The user manual of my new toaster has 12 scary “DO NOTS” listed on the first inside page. There remain many ways still to get oneself personally fried or burn one’s house down. Thank God, they are all common sense “DO NOTS”. Anyone foolish enough to do some of those things probably deserves the consequences. Otherwise the risks of preparing a piece of toast would be too great.

      Glad you like the background color. I’ve tried several times to find a background color that will accentuate the photos. I’ve found that shades of blue or green that are not too dark to affect the clarity of the text seem to work best.

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