Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Yesterday was a “sandwich” day, weather wise.

At 7 AM, when I went out front to pick up my newspapers the sky was dark gray and the air so heavy and humid that I would not have been surprised if making a fist water would ooze out between my fingers.  It was also oppressively hot.

Fifteen minutes later, as I was eating breakfast – suddenly came a deluge of Noah’s Ark-ian proportions.  The rain came down so hard and so thick and fast – it sounded like a freight train crossing my roof.  I could feel the vibrations from great thunderclaps overhead but could  but barely hear them.

This went on for over twenty minutes, then stopped as suddenly as it had begun.  The Sun came out and the sky turned blue with only a few puffy white clouds.

It stayed this way the rest of the morning and into the afternoon.  About 1:30 PM I decided to take my walk.  I know – – it is not a wise thing to do – take off on a brisk five mile walk in 90° weather under the blistering hot mid-day Sun – especially if one is ancient.  The  TV weathermen always make it a point to warn us old folk to stay indoors.  Harrumph! I do it just to spite them!   👿

According to Noel Coward in his famous song below from the 1930s, only “Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day Sun.”.   Having much English blood in me from my Mother’s side I figure I qualify!   😉

The Sun was absolutely brutal!  And I chose this day to do 5 1/2 miles!  I was sopping wet by the time I returned home – melting actually.  Other people perspire – – whilst I on the other hand PERSPIRE!  I weighed myself after showering and discovered that there were 4 1/2 pounds less of me than there had been at 1:30!  Yeah, it was obviously mostly water loss – which was quickly restored – but the number was nice to see on the scale!

Around 4 PM it started to rain again, but this time just light and steady.  It was still raining when I hit the sack after midnight.

Thus – a “sandwich” day:   A warm sunny interlude sandwiched between soaking rains.


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