Torture and Picture Post – April 23, 2013

— A few recent photos – – but first:

Today I had my teeth cleaned at my dentist’s office.  I’ve been getting it done every four months ever since having my implants.  I do not like it much!  😐

I’m not fond of having someone’s fingers in my mouth for over a half hour!  Nor am I fond of that drill-like scraping tool, or the metal picks that were certainly invented for use in medieval torture chambers!

However, I have to admit that my mouth feels great after the torture.  And – Woot! Woot! – I don’t have to go back until August 26th!!!   😛

Now to photos:

Owls03I came upon these burrowing owls tonight while on my walk.  Their burrow is right next to the sidewalk on a very busy street and just appeared within the past few days.  When the city becomes aware of these new city residents the burrow will be roped off and a sign will be placed nearby warning that the owls are a protected species and big-time fines will be assessed if you dare to mess with the birdies or their home.

Duck Family 2Another new family seen on my walk tonight.

Lake Placid TowerThis is the Lake Placid Tower  which I have passed many times while driving on US Highway 27 on trips to Orlando or Tampa.  On my return from my Easter week trip to Orlando I stopped and took this photo.  One of these years I may actually take the elevator to the top.  When this tower was opened in 1961 it was, at 270 feet,  the tallest concrete masonry structure in the world.  It contains 70,000 pounds of reinforcing steel and nine million pounds of concrete.  From the top you can see as far away as 40 miles.

Geese 02Geese in a nearby park.

Flower1Strange looking but beautiful flower – also seen on a walk.

Side YardMy side yard from the back showing my now quite healthy hibiscus bushes.


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