Spiderman Coming to Town!

Woot!  Woot!   Woot!

The next Spiderman movie will be filming some scenes in my home town!

Awesome!!!!!  I may even consider breaking my ‘Go to only one movie a year’ tradition again – something that has happened only a few times in decades.  😉



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2 responses to “Spiderman Coming to Town!

  1. Dave

    Too cool! Is it worth going home for? Or is it more like you’ll go see the movie now where you may not have before?

    • Ed

      I will definitely go to a theater and see the movie when it comes out – and also buy it in Blu-Ray. I normally go to a movie theater only on Halloween, just to avoid the little monsters and goblins wearing out my doorbell. But I do occasionally make an exception. Like this year I went to see ‘Lincoln’.

      It’s neat to see places you’re familiar with in a Hollywood movie. I was working in Buffalo when “The Natural” was filmed, and knew the areas of town they filmed in. I had to work -dang it! – or I could have been in the crowd scenes at the ballpark.

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