Stormy Days on the Horizon – Maybe

The so called experts have released their predictions for the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season which officially lasts from May 1st to November 30th.  Mother Nature doesn’t necessarily keep to those dates, but most years things don’t get serious until June or July, and there is little to be concerned about after the first week of November.

The AccuWeather World team predicts 16 named storms, with 8 becoming hurricanes – 4 of which expected to be major hurricanes. (sustained winds exceeding 111 mph)

The Colorado State University Department of Aerospace Sciences expects 18 named storms, 9 hurricanes, 4 major.

Crown Weather Service (whatever that is) predicts 16 named storms, 9 hurricanes , 5 major.

Historical records indicate that in any year there is a 72% chance of a major hurricane hitting the U.S. mainland, and a 48% chance of making landfall in the state of Florida.

Unless the U.S. Congress has repealed the Law of Averages,  🙄  I would guess that Florida is definitely due this year.  It has been 7 years without a direct hit for Florida – since Wilma in 2005 – although several have come close enough for us to feel some minor hurricane effects.

I’ve decided that, this year, if a major hurricane threatens South Florida I’m just going to gather up my valuables and drive up to the western mountainous area in North Carolina and spend a few days in a motel.  If my house blows away – which is unlikely – well, so be it.  I have insurance.

It really is a not much fun watching the progress of a serious storm on TV, day after day, as it heads directly towards you – wondering if it will weaken or further intensify; stay on course or shift direction to threaten somewhere else.  Then if it does hit there are ten or more hours of sustained Hell, followed by a messy and inconvenient aftermath.


Oh, Oh – an update!  In February I posted about the problem I was  having with my watch.  My wrist had either gotten fatter or thinner, because depending on which notch in the band I used, the watch was either painfully tight or uncomfortably loose.  Having always worn a watch 24/7 – 365, and then hardly ever putting it on was quite disconcerting.

Well, two days ago I put the watch on my wrist and it now fits perfectly.  Just like it had always been before, I’m hardly aware that it’s even there!  Somehow my wrist has regained (or re- lost) some girth and all is well once again!   😀



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2 responses to “Stormy Days on the Horizon – Maybe

  1. Dave

    There are large amounts of people ,with the opinion ,that it is not worth living in that part of the south due to said hurricanes. To that I say ,that they dont know the chances ,of other bad things happening to them.

    • Ed

      I agree. I can’t think of anyplace that isn’t subject to one or more kind of Mother Nature’s disasters. Some are scarier than others. As beautiful as San Francisco is I would never consider spending even one minute there. At least in hurricanes, while everything is blowing away, the ground stays still!!

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