In a Family Way

I have been negligent lately in taking care of one of the few gardening tasks I actually perform.  For once it is not due to my natural tendency to procrastinate.Growing WildI try to keep these plants trimmed in a box shape, no higher than the bottom of my front windows.  In Summer when they get more full Sun they produce hundreds of little purple blossoms each day.

I am normally pretty good at keeping to my intent.  But we’ve had so much rain lately – almost daily throughout April – and I don’t like to trim when the plants are wet.  So right now they look like they are growing wild.

This morning I made a discovery that will cause further delay.  I saw a duck head right into the plants towards the house and disappearing from sight.  I knew immediately what that meant!  So I went back inside and got my camera.Mama DuckI spread aside the foliage, revealing a very annoyed (and snorting) Mama-to-be sitting in her nest.

Later today I saw Mama-to-be waddling away, apparently taking a short break.  So I went out and took a photo of the future family.  Mama-to-be watched from the sidewalk, but did not approach.  Perhaps she remembered my taking her picture earlier and knew I was not a threat.Duckies to BeWe are soon going to have seven little ducklings!  I suppose I’m going to have to buy some cigars!!   😉

Until the blessed events I don’t think it would be wise to attack the plants with my electric trimmer.  Mama-to-be would not be amused!


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