So Sad! – Too Bad!

Well, the blessed events aren’t going to happen.  Sometime between 7:00 AM and 12:30 PM today when the mother-to-be duck took a break from her egg sitting duties, some creature invaded her nest and had a feast.   😥Crime SceneShe was on the nest when I went out to get my morning papers.  Around 1:00 PM I saw her on the lawn in front of the plants looking like she didn’t know what to do.  She would turn as if intending to go to the nest – stop – spread and shake her tail feathers – then turn away.  She repeated this several times, then waddled away.  There are two eggs that look like they were untouched.  I don’t know if she will eventually return and try to salvage them, or not – I’ll just have to wait and see.

This was not the only tragedy that occurred on my property this week.

Recently I had posted about the cat trying to climb a tree next to my patio to reach a bird nest while the resident birds screeched and tried to attack the it.

Well, earlier this week a baby bird, apparently the only offspring of the birds nesting in the tree, was on the ground directly under the tree.  A very heavy rainstorm with high winds  must have dislodged it from the nest.  The parents were hovering around making quite a racket.  Occasionally, one would take off and return to feed the baby.  If I so much as opened my sliding patio door a few inches the parents went berserk.

Sadly, the little one was dead the next morning.   😥

We had another violent thunder storm yesterday evening – and this morning I found the nest on the ground under the tree.Fallen Nest

Kind of a sad week!

On a happier note – my hibiscus are still doing fine.  Here are two photos I took this afternoon.




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