Picture Post – May 8, 2013

I’m getting psyched up about my vacation in Myrtle Beach beginning this weekend.  Woot!  Woot!  Not sure how much I will post until after returning home on the 18th.

Here are a few recent photos:

Owls002OMG!  OMG!   🙄  There are now three residents in the new burrowing owl residence!  And……they each look like adults!  What have we here? – – a boarder with benefits?  — a Ménage à trois?  Rather shocking, I must say!  The city has yet to rope off the burrow, and I keep forgetting to call them.

Not a DoorOK – if they insist I’ll have to accept it.  But it sure looks like a door to me!    😉

New Coconut TreeWhen Hurricane Sandy passed by Florida last October, leaving me with a mountain of floating coconuts in my flooded back yard, there was one coconut that had started to sprout.  So, I put it in a bucket, added some water and a few Miracle Grow pellets, and set it on my patio.  As this photo shows, it has been doing quite well – getting taller and producing healthy roots.  Now I have a problem.  I sure don’t want a coconut tree in my yard, and I don’t know anyone to give it to.   😥

Cattle02I live in a very urban area.  Cities and towns are so squashed together that it appears to be just one great urban blob.  But there are some small unimproved lots here and there that are populated by grazing cattle.  It sort of takes one aback when coming upon one, particularly one surrounded by shopping centers and residential developments.

Why is this so?  Because with cattle on the property a lot can be zoned as agricultural and thus have a lower property tax rate.  In most of them, the cattle are driven there in the morning and picked up in the evening.  Obviously, when the properties are sold at outrageous profits the cattle disappear and the purchasers apply for rezoning for the type of development planned.

Cattle05Here is where the cattle in the previous photo graze.  Directly ahead on both sides of the street are very large shopping centers.

Cattle04Across the street is a large housing development.


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  1. Dave

    It seems there would be a great cost in constantly moving the cattle…..

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