Crossing Bridges Coming Home – 1

OMG!  I was happily typing away on this post, pleased that I am regaining some efficiency at the keyboard – when I looked over from the baseball game on the TV to the monitor and found that only five words were all that showed on the screen.  Somehow, at least 200 words had wandered off into cyberspace never to be seen again!  Aaarrrgh!  😥  Perhaps one of my flying fingers accidentally hit a function key. Oh, well …….. back to the beginning.

I arrived back home Saturday at 7:15 PM to find my house unchanged inside and out.  Ever since the break-in I sort of expect to find the house ransacked whenever I arrive home, even if I have been away only a few hours.  But since everything I valued had been stolen two years ago, a repeat would be just a big annoyance.

I had hoped to leave Myrtle Beach before 6 AM and get home around 5 PM.  The trip is a little over 680 miles.  But I couldn’t leave until almost 8 AM because I had to drop two people off at the airport.  Luckily, there was ample opportunity to drive 80 mph,  so I made pretty good time.

I had a great time at Myrtle Beach – daily long walks on the beach; sunning at the pool – even getting in the brrr-cold water a few times; yummy dinners at nice restaurants; some putt-putt golf; shopping with the womenfolk; nightly games of Euchre and Skat; and attending the Legends show (impersonators of great entertainers).  But best of all was being with people I care about.

I crossed several neat bridges on the way to and from.  Naturally, I had my camcorder attached to the windshield ready to record.

This is a video of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge across the Cooper River between Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  It is a cable stayed suspension bridge opened in 2005, designed to withstand winds of 300 mph and an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale.  Further, the towers are flanked by rock islands to prevent ships from hitting them and damaging the bridge.

Unfortunately, the squashed remains of an insect was also captured on the video, just a bit below the center of the picture.  😕   Thankfully, it isn’t too distracting.



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3 responses to “Crossing Bridges Coming Home – 1

  1. naturgesetz

    Very impressive.

    There’s a bridge in Boston across the Charles River named in honor of the late Executive Director of the ADL, Lenny Zakim, that looks a lot like that, but the soan is much shorter.

  2. naturgesetz

    the *span* is shorter

    • Ed

      It certainly is an impressive but strange looking bridge. I’ll be posting another video of crossing a similar bridge on the Interstate 295 East Bypass of Jacksonville. I like bridges even though they make me nervous driving on them.

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