Crossing Bridges – 2, plus a New Toy!

Woot! Woot!  My 400th Post!!   😀

I have been remiss in making this post because I have been playing with my new toy!  I finally decided to join the Windows 8 family.  I bought a HP laptop with a 17.3 inch monitor.  So, I have been having great fun (?) performing setup, learning the system and installing software.

MS-DOS was the operating system of my first PC way back in the 1980s.  The computer had 64k of memory and zero file storage capacity on the hard drive.  One had to type specific commands to get the computer to do anything – even to open a program.

Windows was a major improvement over MS-DOS.  Since the first Windows version I had been among the very first to purchase and install every new version.  Some of them were great improvements.  Others were dreadful.

With Windows 8,  however, I didn’t have the same eagerness or enthusiasm to update.  I was not enamored with such dramatic departures from certain basics that have been consistent throughout all previous versions.  But, even more, I felt that  aesthetically the system was particularly unattractive.

But, I realize that Microsoft will not support Windows 7 forever – eventually I will have to accept the new – so I decided that I might as well do it now.

My initial impression?  The changes are not all that difficult to absorb.  Some I hate – some are rather neat.  Although there are a few procedures that I still have to stop and think a few seconds about, most I now do without hesitation.  Very soon it will all be routine.  Proving that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks!   😉

Now to another Bridge:

Coming home I decided to try the Eastern section of the I-295 Bypass of Jacksonville, Florida rather than staying on I-95 through the downtown area or using the western portion of the Bypass.

On I-295 I crossed a similar but longer and higher bridge than the one in Charleston, South Carolina that I uploaded a video of in my last post.  It is the Dames Point Bridge over the St. John’s River.  This time there are no squashed bug carcasses on the windshield, and I remembered to raise the camcorder so as not to include part of my car’s hood (or bonnet) in the frame.


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